Why Uber is in Front of the Driverless Car

With Uber’s desire to change the way that people think about personal transportation, it only makes sense for them in the forefront of the upcoming introduction of driverless cars. Their test market in Pittsburgh, PA has been a success with a driver only being there as a greeter and a comfort for the rider. I predict one day you will get into an Uber with only a screen with a live person’s face that will be your guide for your ride. Uber has purchased Geometric Intelligence, putting them as a leader in this space. With its fleet of 14 cars, Uber is testing the driverless model to be rolled out to other areas later in the year. Uber additionally will use these vehicles with their newest roll out of its food delivery service, UberEATS. Currently, UberEATS is only available in 50 cities around the world, with the majority being in North America. Stay tuned as Uber continues to evolve into a powerhouse.