CEO Council

scott-simons-ceo-council-logoThe CEO Council is the Philadelphia region’s business-building roundtable for CEOs and owners of small to mid-sized, privately-held companies who have raised a business from infancy to where it is today and can’t seem to find the “secret sauce” for attaining the next level of success. Our members consistently report an average growth rate of 30%.

How is this different than other business growth and networking programs?

Part bootcamp, part fraternity, the CEO Council is exclusively focused on:

  • CEOs and owners of $10-50 million businesses and CEOs and owners of $1-5 million businesses with different like-minded business roundtables for each group
  • Practical execution with a bottom-line perspective. We’ll audit every aspect of your business and provide the vetted resources to support your objectives including:

– Leadership
– Strategic Planning
– Decision-Making
– Recruitment & Retention
– Customer/Client Relationship Management
– Business Development
– Financial Planning
– Personal and Business Branding
– Branded Website Development
– Marketing Planning

  • Leveraging what we’ve learned from decades of collaborating with some of the nation’s most successful CEOs of large corporations
  • Customizing the experience according to what your business needs in meeting today’s realities and positioning for the future
  • Not only networking, but also business growth consulting, referrals, follow-up, and accountability
  • Working only with Philadelphia-area business owners
  • Retaining you as a member because you’ve dramatically increased your growth and realize the unmatched value of local peer knowledge sharing and our continued support

networking-event-ceo-council-scott-simonsWhat does my annual membership include?

A trusted peer board: In an atmosphere of complete confidentiality, members meet monthly to discuss key business issues and establish a singular level of trust. When you tell us what the “real deal” is, we can address your challenges together. You will get invaluable insights, advice, and recommendations you can’t get from anyone else.

Structured business curriculum: This is in-depth “learn today, apply tomorrow” material with proven business impact:

  • Monthly meetings to discuss best-practice business topics from your team to your clients to your balance sheet
  • Consulting and Call-in Hours with Scott Simons to identify exactly who or what is holding you back and develop an action plan to regain control of your growth, revenues and profits.
  • Accountability for what it takes to get your business off “autopilot” and (finally) kick your business into high gear
  • Monday reminders of what you should be focusing on that week
  • Excellent resources to help you with your branding, online identity, and marketing

Financial core tasking: This component goes beyond figuring out how to make more money. It shows you how to preserve your wealth and how to continue to cash in on your business next week, next year, in five years, etc.

You can expect to graduate from your initial year in the CEO Council with knowing exactly what you want from your business and how to achieve it from where you are today. We are confident you will gain a different perspective and a return on your investment many times over.

Who is behind the CEO Council?

Based on his 20+ years entrepreneurial experience — founding three companies and serving as a trusted advisor and consultant to privately held companies and private investment firms — Scott Simons formed the CEO Council to combine the best of a like-minded advisory board with an ongoing program of  ”get-it-done” business building tools. Because Scott understands, first hand, how our lives are absorbed with running our businesses, the CEO Council provides you the time, perspective, and expertise to make sure you stay focused on your goals, regardless of the day-to-day crises and inevitable distractions that endanger your company’s growth.

No business leader has ever built success alone. Sharing experiences from an owner’s perspective leads to building larger, more profitable enterprises. – Scott Simons

Is the CEO Council right for you?

The CEO Council’s members are:

  • Self-made men or those who have inherited wealth and want to build it for themselves
  • Desiring to build their business into something spectacular and be different from most elite entrepreneurs who don’t leave a strong legacy
  • Willing to share their passions and challenges of growing their company
  • Ready to implement proven techniques learned in the bootcamp for building a thriving company and leading a fulfilling life
  • Open to have their feet held to the fire in order to stop leaving money on the table
  • Ready to break free of the comfortable pattern they’ve been in for years
  • From a variety of product and service sectors including, HBAC, Kitchen Equipment, Insurance, Architecture, and Fitness
  • Typically former members of Vistage and BNI where they where they were missing the accountability they needed

How can you get started?

Contact us to discuss your business challenges and whether joining the CEO Council makes sense for you. We’ll extend a personal invitation to our upcoming open-house.