In Scott’s new book The Uber Effect, scheduled for release in May 2017, he illustrates how Uber, Tesla, and Amazon are challenging the norm, as these companies build enterprises from traditional industries that have created category leaders that have us clicking, riding and buying cars in malls.

Sweet Spot Leadership: The Business Owner’s and CEO’s Quick Guide to Maximize Profitable Growth by Creating Real Value
by Scott Simons scott-simons-sweet-spot-leadership-cover

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From the Foreword

Is it time to find the sweet spot that creates value? Is it time to show the world what you and your business really have to offer?

If so, this book will help you stop being the best-kept secret in your industry, niche or region – and reveal your products, services, and value as the “secret sauce” that is essential to your prospects’ and customers’ success.

As a business owner, you may feel that you have been commoditized, compromised, and just plain used.

It does not have to be that way.

Time and daily pressures diminish your natural appetite for innovation. If you are like most business owners I work with, you often do not make the proactive changes necessary to fully maximize the value in your business.

At the same time, most business owners think they know their business better than anyone else (and certainly better than any business book author!).

That “my way or the highway” thinking has left much potential value, revenue, and profit on the table.

No matter what industry you are in, and no matter how long you have been in business, there is more value that you can deliver for your clients, customers, prospects, employees, vendors, partners, suppliers, franchisees and yourself than you think.

This short book will show you where to find the sweet spot and create the value in your business to create the lasting success you deserve.

Using the interactive exercises and tools, you can also use this as a field guide to find value and to change the way your business operates, serves customers, and serves you, the owner.

What’s Inside

Section I – Transformative Leaders

1. From Entrepreneur to Leader
2. Find the Sweet Spot — What is Your Secret Sauce?
3. Ask your Clientele

Section II – Focus on Four Crucial Areas

4. Think Profitablity
5. Leverage Your Value
6. Monitor Customer Resonance
7. The Riches are in the Niches

Section III – The Transformative Tool Chest

8. Tools to Cash in on your Sweet Spot
9. Tools to Guide the Team
10. Tools to Build the Team
11. Keep your Tools at the Ready