Why Uber is in Front of the Driverless Car

With Uber's desire to change the way that people think about personal transportation, it only makes sense for them in the forefront of the upcoming introduction of driverless cars. Their test market in Pittsburgh, PA has been a success with a driver only being there as a greeter and a comfort for the rider. I predict one day you will get into an … [Read more...]

Sweet Spot Leadership is Now On Amazon

I'm delighted to announce the launch of my book, Sweet Spot Leadership. This short, practical guide to creating more value in your business and the lasting success you deserve is now available at Amazon.com In writing this book and in working with hundreds of multimillion-dollar business leaders over the past few decades, I've been able to … [Read more...]

What Is Transformative Leadership?

Excerpted from my upcoming book, Sweet Spot Leadership Are you an entrepreneur who has dreamed of building a company that has real value? Are you hoping your great idea will automatically translate into growth and success? As many entrepreneurs before you have learned, it is necessary to have more than just an excellent product or service. … [Read more...]